Are Barn Doors Good for Bedrooms? (Everything You Need to Know)

When you’re working on an update in the home, aesthetics, and functionality are critical for the best results for a beautiful home.

But sometimes doors are overlooked – or chosen for one aspect or the other and not both.

But, if you are looking at a gorgeous upgrade for your bedroom with a farmhouse aesthetic, you might want to consider barn doors. But are they the best choice?

Are Barn Doors Good for Bedrooms?

Barn doors can be a great choice for bedrooms if you want a beautiful door with an aesthetics boost and the solution to limited space. But if you need a lot of privacy, barn doors are not your best bet.

Pro & Cons of Barn Doors for Bedrooms

There are several reasons folks love barn doors for bedrooms, along with some potential cons that may or may not matter for your consideration.

Barn Doors Don’t Need Extra Room

Some homes have a terrible design with doors back-to-back where they collide if both opened at once or make it challenging to pass through safely if someone else is around.

Barn doors can help reduce collisions since they slide into the wall instead of opening into a room or passageway.

My bedroom and master bathroom have this terrible design – and it causes my husband, cat, and myself to collide all the time. If I weren’t renting my home, I would install a barn door in a heartbeat!

Barn doors also free up space in smaller rooms (think small bedrooms, closets, pantries, bathrooms, etc.), making them the perfect choice for smaller homes or tighter spaces.

You can keep furniture closer to the doorway, automatically “creating” extra space.

Barn Doors Are Easier to Install Than Pocket Doors

Alternatively, some folks use pocket (hidden) sliding doors. However, these require significantly more work to install than barn doors, making them a terrible choice for many.

The hardware required for barn doors rests above the doorway rather than requiring a restructuring of the wall into which a pocket doors.

This means that if you’re even somewhat handy, you’re much more likely to be able to install the barn doors yourself.

This makes them more affordable, as well, whether you’re building a new home or upgrading the looks of an older home.

They Provide a Gorgeous Aesthetic

Barn doors – no matter what style you choose – can also add a beautiful, unique aesthetic to your bedroom.

You can choose a farmhouse-style door or a more modern look with a clean aesthetic. Of course, you can always select some unique patterns or colors to add some extra character.

But whatever type you choose, there’s something distinct and attractive about this type of door that elevates a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Barn Doors Can Be More Accessible for People in Wheelchairs or Using Walkers

If you or someone in your family has mobility concerns, barn doors could be your answer for easier maneuvering.

Since the doors slide, there’s no awkward moving around to try to get through a hinged door. Instead, slide open and move through easily.

Barn doors also open the space around the door, meaning narrower door spaces become more accessible automatically thanks to this space.

They Work Better Than Pocket Doors

Barn doors don’t offer as much privacy as pocket doors, but they are easier to use. They don’t have tracks on the bottom (just the top), meaning they don’t come off the track or get jammed.

Barn Doors Don’t Offer As Much Privacy

Barn doors provide plenty of visual privacy, but if you’re looking to block sound from escaping the bedroom, you will want to choose something else.

The bottom of the barn door doesn’t connect with the floor; meaning sound isn’t “sealed off” from the rest of the house.

Barn Doors Are Difficult to Lock

Barn doors also lack privacy because it’s difficult to lock them. Some locks are available for sale at hardware stores and Amazon, but the locks aren’t necessarily as effective as standard locks.

You’ll Need Twice the Wall Around a Barn Door

While barn doors are easier to install than pocket doors, they require extra wall space that other doors don’t need.

To make the doorway fully accessible, you must have enough wall on either side of the door to allow the barn door to slide over fully.

That means no pictures, light switches, or anything else on the wall beside the door on the hardware side.

Some Barn Doors Are Heavy and Hard to Open

When you choose a barn door, you do have to be careful. Some styles are much heavier than others, which could defeat your purpose in installing one (i.e., for easier accessibility).

When Should We Consider Barn Doors for Bedroom?

When Should We Consider Barn Doors for Bedroom?

Many folks don’t suggest barn doors for bedrooms, despite the beautiful aesthetic and space-saving qualities.

The reason?

Barn doors don’t offer the privacy that other types of doors provide.

And if there’s one space we want privacy, it’s going to be the bedroom (you know, besides the bathroom!).

In some cases, though, a lovely barn door is perfect for bedrooms.

Primarily, this choice is perfect for folks who live alone (either couples or singles).

You still need that visual privacy in the bedroom when you have guests over, but you don’t necessarily need to be able to block sound or lock the door.

The other primary reason to use a barn door in a bedroom is when you need to save space and don’t want to use a pocket door.

If you have enough wall space next to the bedroom doorway, the barn door can serve your purposes well.

How to Choose Barn Doors for Bedrooms?

There are several factors to consider as you decide on the right barn door for your bedroom space.

Number of Doors Included

Before you buy, consider the number of doors included in the given model.

How wide is the doorway? Do you want doors on either side or just one?

If you love the aesthetic of double barn doors, do keep in mind that double doors will require even more wall space than a single door.

Materials Used to Construct the Door

Both the core type of the door (i.e., solid wood or hollow door) and the material used to construct the door are important.

If you’re looking for easy use, go for hollow core doors.

If you want more intense privacy and protection, go with solid core doors.

But not all barn doors are made of wood. Some come in

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Fiberglass
  • Composite

The heavier the material, the less accessible it will be for those with disabilities, so keep that in mind as you shop.

Installation Considerations

There are two different types of installation setups for barn doors: slab doors and sliding or track doors.

Aesthetic Style Choices

When it comes to looks, there are three standard design options:

  • Paneled
  • Flush
  • Glass

Paneled doors have rails and stiles, which flush doors are smooth and flat. Glass doors are rarely an option for bedrooms, though some do come in opaque or privacy glass.

Should Barn Doors be on the Inside or Outside of a Bedroom?

Ideally, a barn door should be installed inside the bedroom.

This provides you with the ability to lock the door and allows you to have better control of the door from within the bedroom.

However, in some cases, you may not be able to install a barn door inside the bedroom. It may depend on the availability of the walls around the door.

Remember, you’ve got to have twice as much wall as door.

How Do You Improve Privacy When Using Barn Doors for Bedrooms?

As mentioned above, you can quickly improve barn door privacy by adding a lock. Be sure to find the right lock – explicitly designed for barn doors – for the best results.

You can also close gaps between double barn doors with weatherstripping. The stripping comes in various colors, so you don’t have to compromise the aesthetic appeal.

Weatherstripping also helps improve soundproofing for the bedroom, but acoustic foam will do the trick. Just install some on the bedroom side of the barn door.

You can also use a brush-style door sweep to close gaps between barn doors and the floor for light sealing of the room.

Barn Door for Bedroom Ideas

There are some gorgeous barn door ideas for your bedroom. You’ll find many of these on Pinterest.

My favorite ideas, though, can be on this list of great ideas that range from mirrored doors to smoky glass doors with beautiful, flowing curtains.

I keep finding more and more ideas I love – so it’s important to check out at least a few lists of ideas before you settle on one. You could be just one page away from the perfect choice.

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