How to Keep Bacon Warm? (7 Effective Ways)

How to Keep Bacon Warm?

Bacon – that yummy, scrumptious breakfast meat so many people love to serve with eggs, biscuits, pancakes, or, well, anything! But if you’re cooking alone and making several dishes, you need to keep that bacon warm, so it’s as crisp and tasty as when it first comes out. But how? How Do You Keep Bacon … Read more

Where Does Turkey Bacon Come From? (3-minute Read)

Where Does Turkey Bacon Come From?

For those of us, bacon lovers looking to lead healthier lives, one of the most popular alternatives is turkey bacon, a long-standing option that many restaurants offer and most grocery stores carry. But the question is, for most of us, is it really healthy, just “healthier,” or is it as bad as regular bacon? Where … Read more

Chocolate Chips For Dipping: Yes or No?

Can You Use Chocolate Chips for Dipping?

There are so many wonderful, delightful things you can dip in chocolate. But most of us aren’t about to go spend a fortune on fancy chocolates designed for dipping. So, what do we do? Can we use chocolate chips for dipping strawberries, pretzels, and other goodies? Let’s take a look! Can You Use Chocolate Chips … Read more