Are Metal Daybeds Any Good? ( Everything You Need to Know)

Daybeds can be an excellent solution for a kids’ bedroom or guest room when you’ve got to save on some space and let the bed serve double duty as bed and couch.

But are metal daybeds any good? Or should you find a different construction material?

Are Metal Daybeds Any Good?

Metal daybeds are an excellent option for many situations, especially guest rooms or rooms pulling double duty as a guest room and office or playroom. Especially useful is a daybed with a trundle bed underneath. Loads of space-saving value in this choice!

What Are The Advantages of Metal Daybeds?

Daybeds typically come in metal, wood, or a combination of the two materials.

Many folks choose metal daybeds over wood for several reasons. Sometimes, the advantage is simply that of the daybed itself, no matter the material.

Metal Daybeds are Lighter Weight than Wooden Bedframes

If you were comparing a block of wood with a chunk of metal the same approximate size, clearly, the metal would weigh more.

But metal is usually the lighter option when it comes to things like daybeds or tables.

Why? Because metal is sturdier in smaller packages. Or, put another way, a thin, compact metal bed frame will weigh a whole lot less than a blocky wooden frame of the same stability.

Metal Daybeds are Easier to Assemble

If you’re happy to put the bed together on your own (instead of having a pro do it), you’re likely to find the metal daybed is easier to put together than a wooden one.

Metal daybeds, as mentioned before, are lighter weight and less bulky. This usually means two people can more easily put one together.

Metal Daybeds are Easier to Move

I had a metal daybed as a kid, and I absolutely loved it! Part of that was because of the sofa-bed feel, and part of that was because I loved rearranging my room every six months (I still do!).

Because my daybed was metal, it was lightweight enough to move by myself. It also didn’t have some of the hitches and nails that wooden daybed frames have, making it easier to maneuver.

Metal Daybeds Are Attractive

And let’s face it – we want our beds to look nice. Metal daybeds have a certain charm to them that other beds (no matter what the material) ever could.

Metal Daybeds Can Be Taken Outdoors

While technically, you can take any furniture outdoors, a metal daybed can easily be converted into an outdoor piece of furniture, thanks to the materials.

Of course, you’ll want to find the right mattress cover or waterproof the mattress and outdoor cushions, but it will make one heck of a great outdoor sitting space for you and your guests. So comfy!

Metal Daybeds are Easy to Clean

Unlike some materials, metal bed frames are easy to clean quickly.

They’re also not porous like wood and some other materials, so a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth removes the dust, pet hair, or other allergens that could bother you.

Daybeds Are More Comfortable Than Pullout Couches for Sleeping

If you have guests over with any frequency, daybeds are also a way better option than a pullout couch bed. Pullouts are usually quite uncomfortable, thanks to the metal bars in the back and flimsy mattresses.

 A daybed, though, uses a full mattress, so no lumps!

What Are Some Drawbacks of Metal Daybeds?

Of course, there are some disadvantages of metal daybeds as well.

Metal Daybeds Can Be a Little Uncomfortable

It can be rather uncomfortable if you don’t use the right cushions for the back of the daybed. The same is true of the mattress (like with all metal bedframes).

However, this is fairly easy to resolve with a bit of shopping at someplace like Wayfair or World Market. Find some pretty cushions, and voila! Comfy as can be.

Metal Daybeds Can Get Squeaky

The more you use any metal bed frame, the higher possibility of a loud, obnoxious squeak emanating from it becomes.

If the bed isn’t used that often, it will take years to get squeaky. But if you use it every night, well, it’s going to get noisy in a year or two.

Metal Daybeds Can Rust

Metal daybeds are, well, metal, so if they get wet or exposed to a lot of humidity, they can get rusty.

Now, I will say that I lived in Florida when I had my daybed growing up, and it only started to get rusty toward the end of its tenure in my room. But it definitely did get there around year 12.

Daybeds Need to be Against a Wall

While you can move metal daybeds around pretty easily, they do have the disadvantage of needing to be kept against a wall.

This is required because the wall helps the bed back maintain its comfort levels and support.

Metal Daybeds Can Get Hot if Too Close to Heaters

It’s not something we think about a lot with metal – we know our household heaters don’t get hot enough to melt metal. But metal bedframes shouldn’t be kept too near heaters.

That means in a house like mine, where we have floorboard heating vents, we only have one wall in each room where we could ever place a metal daybed.

How Durable Are Metal Daybeds?

How Durable Are Metal Daybeds?

There is no straight-up answer to the durability of a metal daybed. There are lots of things that can affect this, including any of the following:

  • Quality of manufacture
  • Quality of material(s) used
  • Weight of the user, if not a heavy-duty design
  • Handling of the daybed (i.e., how rough on the bed are you?)
  • Frequency of changing locations (do you move a lot?)

If the bed is made of decent quality materials, treated well (i.e., no kids jumping on it or using it for a landing zone for shenanigans), and joints/bolts maintained, a metal daybed should last several years.

The daybed I had came to me already five or six years used and lasted me another ten years, even with some rough handling.

So, the bed should likely last you between 10 and 15 years with no problems.

When Will We Consider Metal Daybeds In Our Room?

The best situations to consider keeping a daybed in a room include

  • When you need to save space by letting furniture pull double-duty (i.e., sofa and bed in one in this case)
  • Studio apartments
  • Guest rooms (add a trundle for welcoming couples!)
  • Kids’ room(s)
  • Bedroom for singles
  • Living rooms when you don’t have a guest room

How Can I Make My Metal Daybed Look Good And Feel More Comfortable?

How Can I Make My Metal Daybed Feel More Comfortable?

There are several things to do to help make your daybed look great and keep it comfy.

First, you’ll want to use a proper mattress on both the bed and the trundle (if you have one). This gives enough cushioning for sitting or sleeping most comfortably.

Secondly, load up on pretty cushions and pillows you can use for the back cushions of the bed. Be sure to use thick cushions and pillows, though.

And, ideally, the bigger, the better on those pillows. Smaller pillows tend to bunch up and create gaps at your back when you move. I also recommend a couple of body pillows for this.

Add in some soft, fluffy blankets for added comfort. Or drape them over the pillows on the back if you find they move too much for your liking.

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