One Little Word 2014

I am truly excited for this new year.

There is something about the month of January that re-energizes me. It’s the realization of having a whole new year spread out before me.  A time for me to plan new projects and vacations, re-evaluate my personal goals and family goals, and organize my life. 

As I have thought over the past few weeks as to what I wanted to focus on this upcoming year, I was having a hard time pin pointing just one word that encompassed everything I wanted it to. Because this year I have set some BIG goals for myself.  And this year more than ever, I do not want to fail. 

I recognize that I am an imperfect person.

Wife, Mother, Friend, Daughter, Sister, blogger, etc.  

Oh how I wish I could be perfect at them all.  But the truth is, I AM NOT. 

“I myself am made entirely of flaws, stiched together with good intentions.”   Augusten Burroughs

I really do have good intentions, and this year I want those intentions to turn into results & reality.  And the only way I can do it is with a little Fierceness.

With a little Fierceness and these amazing Guys behind me, I know I can do anything. So watch out 2014. Here I come.