Oreo Elf Feet with Free Printable Pattern

Hello Everyone!

I think as of today, I FINALLY got my crafty-mojo back.

This pregnancy has literally sucked the creativity out of me for the past few months!

Today I have an DARLING Gift Idea that includes one of 

America’s Favorite Cookeis.

Yes, Oreos. 

I found this idea over at Taffy Talk via Pinterest

I wish I could take credit for this idea, because it is just TOO cute.

These would be perfect to give to a neighbor, friend, visiting teacher, or your kids teacher!

But when I went to make my Elf Feet

I had to create my own pattern, since the original post didn’t include one.

So today, I thought I would share it with you all, so you can make your very own too!

To make a pair of Oreo Elf Feet You will need:

  • 20 Mint or Winter Oreos ( I found mine at Walmart) the mint are green colored and the Winter ones are red colored.  
  • 2 Plastic Treat Bags ( I found a package of 25 for $2 at Walmart, they are Wilton Brand)
  • Cute Thin Ribbon
  • 1 piece of 12×12 red or green card stock (I chose green)
  • 1 piece of coordinating printed scrapbook paper ( I of course chose polka dot)
  • Printed Pattern for Elf Feet
  • 2 pom pom balls or jingle bells
  • double sided tape, glue dots, or a hot glue gun

When I went to the store to buy my Oreos, I found that 

they were sold out of the Winter Ones, that had red filling,

But they had a bunch of Mint Green ones, that looked and tasted PERFECT!

I took 2 gift bags and stacked (10) Oreos in each one and tied them off with a little piece of


To create the shoes Print off this Pattern

Take your 12×12 piece of solid colored Cardstock

(I used green)

and fold it in half.

Next,  Cut 2 of the Elf Shoes on the fold.

You should have 2 elf shoes that look like the one pictured below:

Next cut out 2 of the Trim in your patterned paper

and glue them on the top edge of your shoe.

(I used polka dot of course)

Then punch 2 small holes on the shoe just like you see above.

You should now be able to fold your Elf shoe around the base of your oreo stack.

Match up the 2 holes that you punched and tie it together with a small piece of ribbon.

Glue the rest of the shoe together with hot glue or glue dots

(You can even used double stick tape)

Last embellish with a cute little pom pom on the tip of the toe.

(Hot glue works best for this).

And Voila! You will have 2 of the cutest little elf feet that will surely put a smile on the

face you are gifting it to!