Meet {Dottie} My KitchenAid Mixer

Today I am REALLY excited to show you
 Another Someone at my house 

Who Recently got a Make Over.

I have had this idea in my head for a few months now.

And since I have been in a bit of a creative rut lately,

decided this was the PERFECT project to get my juices flowing again.

So without further adieu,
I would like to introduce to you my bestest baking friend:


Isn’t she Lovely?

Isn’t she Wonderful?

Isn’t she Precious?

{I just might sing those words to her in my head everytime I look at her now}

This little lady has been adorning my kitchen counter for the past 6+ years.

 We have made more cookies, cakes, bread, frosting, etc. than I can count!

Here she is at Christmas time, all Shiny & Red.

She is one of my most favorite things that I have ever been gifted.

{Thank you Dave}

And is Also one of the Most Used appliances in my kitchen.

As many of you know,
 I have a MAJOR obsession with the Color Red & Polka-dots.

And well, I just knew Dottie would look FABULOUS in them too.

After all My shoes do right?

So, How did I do it you ask?

Well, it was simple.

I used my Silhouette and cut out over 400 

.5″ dots in white vinyl.

Then, I simply spent some quality time ,

Strategically placing them all over Dottie just like a sticker.

And well, if you ask me, it was time well spent.

I get all happy inside Every Time I go in my kitchen and see her on the counter.

Here is where I am showing her off this week!