Pirate Birthday Party

Ahoy Matey’s!
This past weekend, we celebrated our little man’s 4th Birthday
with a Pirate Themed Birthday Party.
If you know me at all,
you know I LOVE a GOOD PARTY.
But this year, being pregnant and all, I admit I went back and forth about throwing one.
I just wasn’t quite sure I had the energy for it.
But every time the discussion would come up, Nixon would put his 2 cents in,
and say Remember last year Mom when you made me a Superman Cake?
(it never ceases to amaze me how much this little boy remembers!)
And  with each detail of previous parties he would remind me of,
the harder it became for me to say no.
So I Caved and jumped on the party planning bandwagon,
And was consumed with ALL things Pirate.
Our Party Began with one VERY large Inflatable Movie Screen
and 20 + Cardboard Boxes that I spray painted black.
{I am SO Lucky to have a good husband who helped me set up everything,
and wonderful friends who offered up their beautiful backyard to host the event!}
As each Child arrived they got to choose a box to turn into a Soap Box Pirate Ship
{Perfect for Movie Viewing}
Here is the sample one I made.
I used a Wooden Dowel & Half a Sheet of Poster Board to Create the Sail.
{all of the kids got to decorate their sails with markers and personalize their own!}
And I simply Cut out a “Helm” shape with my Silhouette and a Bunch of Circles to create
Port Holes on the sides of their ship.
Once their ships were all built, our little pirates grabbed some yummy snacks from
our Pirate Concession Stand
And then they all nestled into their ships to view the night’s feature film: Peter Pan.
Once the Movie was over,
We of course Enjoyed some Pirate Birthday Cupcakes!
But of all the things I put together for this party,
my favorite ended up being the Favor Bags for All of Nixon’s Pirate Friends!
Here are all the FUN things we tucked inside!
Pirate Treasure {Candy}
Pirate Hat {found at Hobby Lobby}
Eye Patch {Target}
Foam Sword {Hobby Lobby}
Pirate Tatoos {Hobby Lobby & Target}
Pirate Map {download here}
The Bags themselves I created by cutting out a silhouette of a pirate ship with my
Silhouette Machine, and personalized each bag with all the kids names!
Our Little Birthday Pirate had such a FUN time with all his friends and family that night!
I had a hard time getting this guy to sit still for me to take a good picture of him
in the Pirate Costume I made for him.
Thank GOODNESS his Papa got him to sit still and flex his muscles for just a second!
It might have taken me the rest of the weekend from putting this party together,
but we certainly had a fun time, and couldn’t have done it without the help of
some of our wonderful friends!


  1. So, so fun! We are doing a Jake & the Neverland Pirates party for the boys in a few weeks! So I especially love all your ideas! 🙂

  2. Wow what an amazing party! Everyone looked like they had a great time. I love how they got to build their own pirate ships!

  3. Party was so FUN…and the pirate ships, food, decorations and attention to detail were amazing….my daughters were pirates all weekend=)

  4. Wow! You did an amazing job!

  5. So fun and amazing!! I love the ship boxes with sails they sat in to watch the movie. So fun!!!

  6. hooray, you did it! how fun,my friend! that’s a lotta spray paintin with 20 boxes!!!

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