One little Word 2013

Each year as New Years rolls around
I found that it is a common trend among bloggers and friends who choose
one little word
to be the focus of their year, goals, and thoughts.
I admit I have contemplated doing this very thing myself,
but have been unable to narrow it down to just
one little word.
Typically my goals are something I consider very personal.  Some of them
may get written down, and some of them are things that I am just constantly 
aware of.
But they are things that I seldom share with just anyone.
Oddly this year, as I have thought about what I wanted my goals to be,
there was one little word that kept coming to mind
 as I thought about each of the things I wanted to focus on. 
 I KNOW what you are thinking…
isn’t the word SAVOR typically associated with food?
Are DavesWife’s goals ALL about Food?
Not quite,
But, you are right about one thing;
Definition of SAVOR
{per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary}
: the taste or smell of something
: a particular flavor or smell
: a distinctive quality
But as a Verb the Word SAVOR can also mean:
: to delight in : enjoy <savoring the moment>

This year, as we welcome another sweet little boy into our home,
I want to delight in all the changes that come with it.
As a new mom, close to 4 years ago, I remember feeling over-whelmed, nervous,
and scared. I was scared of the unknown. 
I went from working full time, to bed rest, to being a Mother quicker than 
I had planned. {I didn’t make it to 40 weeks}
 Nothing can prepare you for parenthood, than living it and doing it yourself.  
While I know that having Baby Canon isn’t always going to be easy,
and is going to bring a whole new set of trials and triumphs.
I can honestly say, that I can’t WAIT to be able to try again.
And to truly enjoy it without the fear of the unknown breathing down my neck. 

In addition,
I want to SAVOR this little bit of time I have left with just my little Nixon at home.
He is growing up WAY too fast. He is SO smart, and each day I am amazed 
with how quickly he picks up on things.
Since starting Preschool this last year his vocabulary has EXPLODED!
He always has something to say, and he is very genuine, and thoughtful.
Just the other day he said to me
 “Mom! Can I share ALL my books with baby Canon?
I bet he would WUV for me to read him my stories!”
To say that my heart melted at that moment would be an understatement. 
I recognize that he is a VERY special Boy, and I will ALWAYS delight in being his Mom.

Last but DEFINITELY not least,
I want to continue to delight in the relationship I have with this very special guy.
There is NO ONE like him.
He works HARD, with little or no complaint.
He does laundry and really is so much better at it than me!
He makes us laugh, and ALWAYS puts us first.
He is a FUN Dad.
It’s no wonder that Nixon worships the ground he walks on.
He can’t wait to be as “Big” as his Daddy someday.
I truly LOVE being DavesWife.
And I LOVE my little Family, and this year I will focus on Savoring them more:
I can’t WAIT to see what 2013 has in store for us.
I am so glad that so many of you are here, and
enjoy listening as I share myself on this little spot of the internet.
So tell me, do you pick one little word? or set goals for yourself?
If you do, and have blogged about it, please leave your link, I would love to check it out!


  1. Great word! Nixon is adorable!! Love that he wants to read to his brother! My word is Complete!

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