Christmas Memories 2012

I guess late is better than Never right?
I had every intention of showing you all pictures of my decorated Christmas House
Long before Christmas arrived.
But time simply got away from me.
There were Cookies to bake, Presents to Wrap, Christmas Cards to Address,
Shopping to be done… plus being pregnant , WeLL you get the picture!
So tonight, I finally took a few minutes to sit down, put my feet up,
And put together this post full of Pictures of My Christmas House.
Let’s Start In Our Family Room…
Here is what it looked like before Santa Arrived on Christmas Eve.
In this room, you can see our Main Christmas Tree, decked out in ALL Red & White.
And topped with the Biggest, Reddest, Sparkliest, Bow I could find.
It sits next to our faux Mantle.
That I trimmed with some Brand New Stockings that I whipped up one afternoon.
I {ADORE} How they turned out.  Any Guesses which one is Mine???
The rest of the room, I decked with More Garland, with yet another Big Red Bow.
I Love the Contrast up against my Bold Striped Curtains.
In the next room,{the Living Room}
Is Big Tree #2 
Yes, I recognize that there is a section of lights out on this tree.
The Month of December was a battle between me and this section of lights.
I got it working all of 3 times, only for it to go out again and again.
So finally I just had to give up :0(
There’s always next year right?
This Year, I let Nixon pick out the topper for this tree.  He wanted a BIG Star,
And I LOVE that he choose a Red one. 
It went perfectly with the Lime Green, Red & White Decorations in this room.
But of, ALL my decorations, My favorite has to be my Red Monogram that Dave got me for Christmas
last year.
It is such a statement piece and is something that makes me smile Every Time I look at it.
Below it sits, my childhood dresser, that has recently been given a make-over.
{it’s still not quite finished, SOMEDAY it will get done I SWEAR!}
But on it sits a few more Christmas Trees & My Grandmother’s Nativity. 
I LOVE that it is all porcelain and creamy white, and I can’t help but think of her,
when I set it up each year.
Last up, is the Entry Way,
Where you can find, just a few more Christmas Trees, Red Sparkly Ornaments, & Vintage
Crocheted Snowflakes by my other Grandma.
Sadly there is SO much more, but I just didn’t get a chance to get the rest of it all photographed.
I LOVE the way it ALL looks each evening, when only the lights of the trees and decorations
are the only thing to light up our home.
It just feels magical.
But the Best thing was seeing the Face of this little guy on Christmas Morning,
He MUST have been an extra Good Boy this year, because Santa Spoiled him for SURE!
But Nixon Made sure we took Good Care of Santa & the Reindeer as well.
He set out A Special Santa Key for Santa to get in, A Plate FULL of Cookies, Extra Big Carrots, and Reindeer Feed
 That were all gobbled up by Christmas Morning.
We spent the Rest of our Day, Hanging out with Family, Eating Yummy Food,
and playing with all our new toys!
I feel SO incredibly blessed to have such a Wonderful little family.
I am Excited for the New Year, and to see what it will bring!
Especially the addition of little Canon in May!
I hope you ALL have a Fabulous New Year!!! 
See you in 2013!


  1. It looks BEAUTIFUL Kristy! I am also a red fanatic, and a Christmas fanatic, but I do not have the patience for such beautiful decorating. This must have taken FOREVER! I LOVE that red and white tree with the big bow. I have a tree with a big bow on it also, but it doesn’t look like yours….. I need to hire you to come decorate my house!!! (Sarah from Craft Quickies)

  2. This is the most beautifully decorated house I’ve ever seen!!! I am going to TOTALLY copy your idea about stringing lit garland over top of your curtains next year! I LOVE the monogram, too! Do you find a way to decorate with it all year long? It’s too pretty to only be out a few weeks a year 🙂

  3. Gorgeous decor! I love everything! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your home is so lovely! So glad you shared those pictures!

  5. Cutest, most comfiest and cozy Christmas room ever! I love everything about this! And congrats on baby #2!!

  6. Absolutely beautiful ! I love all your decorations. You did a fabulous job!, I especially love your monogram 🙂

  7. Your decorations turned out awesome! I love your Christmas trees.
    Seeing your home decorated all cute sure does make me feel bad that the only decoration I pulled out this year was a fabric garland and then a wreath my in-laws gifted us with.
    I guess that is the price you pay when you decide to enter Grad school and don’t get a Winter Break :). At least I can live vicariously through you :):):)

  8. Hello, I saw you on Studio 5, and am new to your fabulous blog. I was wondering about the window treatment in your entry way. I LOVE it! I have some windows that frame my door, and I don’t love them. I am a big fan of window treatments, and love what you did. Do you happen to have a tutorial? I am in Utah, and jealous of the weather there. My hubby travels to your area for work a time or two every quarter. I am a little jealous 😉 Keep up the great work, and thanks for the inspiration!

    <3 Risa

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