Favorite Things Gift Guide & Giveaway

I know it’s still early November, 
But can you honestly tell me you haven’t begun thinking about Christmas??
Well, I certainly have!!!  From planning a budget, to finding the perfect gifts, and of course decorating!!
{and I might have cranked up the Christmas Music this weekend while cleaning house!}
Today I am super excited to team up with 25 of my FAVORITE BLOGGERS
to show you some GREAT ideas for Gift Giving,  in a Gift Guide Jam packed with Gifts
ALL of which are under $25!
Awesome Right?
But WAIT, that is not all.  How would you like to win a basket full of these favorite things from your
Favorite Blogger like ME??? And it’s going to be mailed right to your door!!
So start , Here is what you are going to do:
  • Take a quick glance at the gift collage below
  • Scroll to the bottom to see mine up close with details and links to buy my favorite items
  • Enter to win my gift basket at the giveaway below ($175 value)
  • HOP to all of the other sites to enter to win their gifts!
  • Look around and enjoy the sites of the 25 creative bloggers–they will not disappoint!
{p.s. if you guessed that the one with the BIG red polka dot bow is mine, you know me ALL too well!}
 To view closer shopping details and links on where to purchase each basket item, simply HOP on over to the links below, where you can also enter to win the giveaway on their sites.
Now, I know YOU are dying to see what’s in my basket!!!
So here is an upclose:
In my Cute Polka Dot Box you will find:
1. Red & White Polka-dot Earrings made by ME!!! 
2. A Turquoise Filigree Polka Dot Bow Ring made by ME!!!
3.  A Darling Red Rosette Necklace made by ME!!!
{Because I LOVE to accessorize!}
4. Red & White Washi Tape perfect for crafting, & gift wrapping!
5. Chocolate 
6. Keep Calm & Bake On Hot Pad from World Market
7. Red Silicone Spatula & Whisk from World Market
8.  Red Silicone Baking Cups from World Market
{These items are a MUST when doing any sort of baking in MY kitchen}
And When I do bake, it usually involves Chocolate or Something Red Velvet!
So I included
9. Red Velvet Cupcake Mix
10. Red Velvet Pancake Mix
So if you ARE DYING to win my Basket just enter below with Raffelcopter!


  1. I have to say it’s your basket I love all the red and those earrings and ring are adorable!

  2. Yours is so cute! I also like 19 and 21 and 1 and 2 and 3 and 4…..

  3. I would love your basket – all the red is to die for!

  4. Your basket is adorable, love the polka dots. There are all nice though!

  5. yours, I LOVE the color RED!!!!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  6. i love all the baskets! so adorable.

  7. they all look amazing!its so hard to choose just 1!

  8. I’m a polka dot girl, so yours is FAB, but the one from My Sisters Suitcase looks pretty darn cute, too!

  9. I like them all, but I am totally in a red phase, it looks so nice in my kitchen (and matches my mixer) so my fav is definately yours!

  10. There is no way I could choose which one I like the best, they are all so fun! I’m loving the red theme you have going on though oh and polka dots are always my favorite 😉

  11. I love your whole basket!! So cute and creative!!

  12. I’d love to win your gift basket!

  13. I would love to win your basket! I love all the RED!

  14. I adore your basket. I love the Keep Calm pot holder. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t LOVE Red Velvet??

  15. FYI… I’m only half way through “hopping”, but I’ve already found 4 dead/inaccurate links. They all appeared to be simple typos

  16. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  17. Love this basket, all things red.

  18. Love your basket – I’m a huge baker and red is my favorite color!

  19. This basket is amazing, loving the colors!

  20. Love all the red!!

  21. I’d love to win any of the basket, because you all have great taste! I’d have to say that my favorite is from Eighteen25. Mostly, because I started drooling over the Reeses and the Glitter!!

  22. Cute!

  23. I *love* that necklace!

  24. I would love to win your basket!

  25. well YOUR’S of course!

  26. love your basket!! all the red…super cute~

  27. Love the cute polka dot box!The red… Too cute! And I love your blog, what a great way to meat a new blog!

  28. I would love to win anyone of them. All you ladies are so talented.

  29. I love your creativity and of course your jewelry! Beautiful basket! 🙂

  30. Yours, of course.

  31. Yours!!

  32. I’d love to win your basket. So many things I could use!

  33. Oh man. I would love to win this basket! All those red goodies are awesome!

  34. I would love to win this basket! So CUTE! tamramorgan@gmail.com

  35. I just adore that red rosette necklace. So lovely! thekaylorfamily@comcast.net

  36. I really couldn’t chose…ya gals are wonderful for just doing this period!

  37. The red and white tape would be awesome.

  38. Love your gift basket it’s so adorbs!


  39. Yours 🙂

  40. YOURS! 🙂

  41. The Washi tape looks very fun.

  42. They all look amazing. Yours would be great!

  43. I like them all!

  44. I love the basket over at All Things Thrifty. Primer, paint and tape….it’s a quick weekend project waiting to happen.

  45. I love each and every basket. I couldn’t pick just one, but I love your red theme!

  46. I love your basket, especially the necklace! Too cute!

  47. Is it cheating to say that I just don’t know?

  48. Thanks for the giveaway! All of the baskets are fantastic!

  49. Yay! what an adorable giveaway, love it!

  50. Love your basket!

  51. the poke a dot earrings.. love them

  52. I would love yours–anything fun and new to cook with. But I would also love The Girl Who Ate Everythings basket!

  53. I love everything in your basket, and red is my favorite color!!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    I would be thrilled to win any of these baskets. I love your red/polka dotty theme. Also love Landee See’s basket because of her vinyl canister labels!

  55. 5. Chocolate

  56. I love your theme!! Love red!! I love to win any but I do love yours!!

  57. duh! yours!

  58. yours- of course!!!!!

  59. I love them all!

  60. I’m still going through them all, gosh what a giveaway!!

  61. Any of them would be great! I love the crafty ones especially.

  62. So cute ~ love all the red and polka dots!

  63. So cute…love the red themed box! 🙂

  64. Yours 😀

  65. Ooh! All of the baskets are so cute. I would be happy to win any of them, but I really like that you did a theme for yours! I would love to try that pancake mix!!!

  66. Your read and white polka dots just make me smile! Awesome giveaway!

  67. I think they are all awesome! Love the red and white especially!!

  68. What a fun box! Thanks for a chance to win!

  69. HMMMMM….maybe the pleased poppy, heck any of them!

  70. Yours of course, its so eye catching!

  71. Anonymous says:

    Love it!!!!! ALL OF THE BASKETS ROCK:-)

  72. The baskets are all so amazing. But I love the fact that yours has so many homemade items. Great!!

  73. I’ve only checked out a couple so far, but I love how yours is all red and polka-dotty. Not that I should have expected anything else. 🙂 Very cute!

  74. Honestly, I can’t decide which one I like the MOST. They all have fabulous items. I would be tickled with any of them. It is fun to me to see how many of you chose one or two of the same things too. I love the box versus basket that you used. Details are very important and pretty packaging means so much.

  75. I honestly would love to win any basket!

  76. Love your blog, love all the baskets!

  77. The rosette necklace is beautiful! I’d love to win it!

  78. What girl wouldn’t want to win that adorable red box!I love the RED VELVET pancake mix!

  79. I would be excited to win any of them!! Such fun stuff!!

  80. They are all fabulous

  81. Your basket makes me hungry! I want red velvet ANYTHING right now. Hard to chose one…they are all awesome!

  82. i love how yours is color coordinated!

  83. I like yours because I love that necklace!

  84. Oh, I LOVE the necklace in your basket…and all the polka dots….and the bow ring…Maybe I could be lucky and win them all? (Not to be greedy, but how can one choose from all the fabulousness?!)

  85. YOUR basket looks so pretty and fun. You have beautiful taste. I also really like LOVE THE DAY’s basket. 🙂

    I am in LOVE with this entire idea of all of you teaming together to do these giveaways. It’s so fun to see all the FAVORITES. 🙂 Thank you for the anticipation and giveaway.

    Oh! I’m happy I found your blog too. <3

  86. I love love your basket & blog & Pinterest Page too! Merry Christmas (early) 😀

  87. It’s really hard to choose just one basket, although i really like your big polka dot box, i think is the best of the bunch. Awesome presentation!

  88. They are all so.awesome. I would love any of them!! I will say your basket made.me happy cause.of.the bright red being so cheerful!!!

  89. Love the basket the most, but the tape is pretty groovy too! Thanks for a chance to win such a cool contest!

  90. britty38[at]aol.com says:

    So, so cute! Love all the red!!

  91. I love the red in your basket. It’s adorable! It would make me so happy!

  92. Patty Baker says:

    I would love to win your basket – I LOVE handmade jewelry, and my favorite color is RED!

  93. I love yours!

  94. Oh’ My’ Goodness stop it with all the polka dot goodness! COME TO MAMA, I want! Love it all. Thanks for the chance, xo jen

  95. I would like to win number 19 I think. 🙂

  96. I don’t think I could pick just one, but your basket is right up my alley!

  97. Yours is so wonderful! I love the colors and all the handmade stuff!! Thank you!

  98. Yours of course:) I am a foodie and love the baking items.

  99. Love it!!

  100. Well your of course

  101. I’d love to win yours! My mom’s favorite color is red, so I’d share with her 🙂

  102. Yours is awesome!

  103. Fun basket – love all the red. My MIL’s kitchen is red and this has given me some ideas.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Your basket would be so fun! I would love the silicon baking cups!

  105. This is so you!

  106. Any basket would be amazing!

  107. I LOVE how fun your basket is, polka dots are my favorite! My kitchen table’s polka dot table cloth is in yellow, and your red theme would add such a pop of color 🙂

  108. I love the Red & White, and polka dots and picked yours out right away hands down. What a darling presentation and I love that you added your handmade touch to it also! I have only made it to a 4 so far and I want them all! I love all the combinations and find many of them to be my favorites also. After all what girly girl wouldn’t love one or any of these fun baskets!

  109. Yours! Love the rosette necklace!

  110. The necklace you made is just gorgeous!

  111. I’d love to win your basket! Cause I love baking and not many of the other fab basket giveaways are open to Canadians 🙁

  112. Yours!

  113. Each basket has a lil love in each…<3 the Red of your basket!:0)

  114. Anyone with food/baking stuff would be just great!

  115. Heidi Adams says:

    Love the red theme, would go well with my kitchen!

  116. LOVE the colors!

  117. Anonymous says:

    i love your favorites!

  118. Love all the red!

  119. Well honestly I really want to win your prize because I want me some of those silicon cupcake cups. 🙂

  120. Oh, so many baskets to choose from, but your basket is looking pretty cute. I would love to give the ‘Keep calm and Bake on’ matt to my Mother. She is the biggest (and geatest) cook in the world!

  121. rosette necklace!

  122. I love all the red

  123. Anonymous says:

    Great Basket, I Love your polkdot theme & your framed chalkboard hanging in your new kitchen is the coolest thing ever !

  124. I love this basket!

  125. Its hard to choose just one! All of the are great!

  126. Honestly?? I don’t think I could pick a favorite because they are all so fab!! I love yours because of all the red and red is my most favorite color!! ♥

  127. Fun, fun basket!!! Red is my favorite color too!!

  128. I love all the red! Great basket!

  129. Each one has wonderful things. I would be happy with any basket!

  130. Anonymous says:

    love the poka dots

  131. I already forgot who’s it was- I’ll have to look, but there was this great Q&A 5 Year Journal. I love books!

  132. Your basket!

  133. Love them all, such a good idea. But seeing as how my fave holiday is Valentines Day because of all the red, white and pink…I’d have to say I’d be most excited to win yours!

  134. How could you just pick one? They are all fun, Yours totally stands out with all that rocking red though 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win. My daughter would love to try out those red velvet cupcakes!!

  135. I haven’t looked at them all yet. but I love the red and polka dots of yours!!

  136. This one with all that pretty red caught my eye, then I saw all the cooking items and it was love <3

  137. I can’t pick just one basket, they are all so great!!!

  138. I love them all, so hard to pick! I am mostly excited to find new blogs to read, I have a red and white kitchen too! x

  139. I love your box!! The red and white polka dots are great!

  140. I love your red theme! So glad to have found your blog via this contest!

  141. I would love any of them! I love all the red in yours!

  142. Love your basket!

  143. love them all, but yours is especially cute!

  144. I love the polka dots!

  145. Love polka dots! So glad to a stumbled on to your blog. Thank you for the generous give a way.

  146. I love the polka dots!! I need a little more polka in my life

  147. Oh I love all the red! Of course I’d love to win yours!! (And Lindsay’s is pretty great, too!!)

    Thank you!

  148. I love them all but red is my favorite color

  149. I’m a polka dot girl 😉 So I would love to win yours!!

  150. A polka dot box….love it…your basket is great!

  151. What a cute theme and I love those earrings!

  152. I love your basket! Everything matches and it is red. So I’d love to win yours!

  153. I would love to win your basket. Its perfect for the holidays!

  154. Anonymous says:

    I am doing my kitchen in red, would LOVE to win this!!

  155. Anonymous says:

    Cute basket, love polka dots and red velvet!

  156. six sisters stuff basket 🙂 and yours too! Tburchar (at) yahoo.com

  157. I love your basket! The polka dots are adorable.

  158. I love your basket! I’m most excited about the jewlery!

  159. I would be happy to win any of the baskets.

    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  160. I think I’m most excited about Tidy Mom’s basket

  161. Why yours, of course! 🙂

  162. I’m excited to win any basket….i just wanna win something!

  163. Andrea S. says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter! All of them are so fabulous – and yours is amazing! The red silicone baking cups would be divine…

  164. yours!!

  165. This one!

  166. I love all of the baskets-so generous!!

  167. Anonymous says:

    Gosh, yours and everyone elses also!!!! Great giveaways. Christmas morning!!!!!!!

  168. You are super creative. I love your box and love the red color.

  169. I’m picking yours on behalf of my 11 year old daughter who I would gift this to because she LOVES to bake!

  170. i love that everything is red!

  171. Yours is by far my favorite, I love all the red and polka dots!

  172. This is so cute! my lil baker in the house would love this

  173. That necklace!!! Love 😉

  174. Any of them!!!

  175. love your red basket!

  176. this one is the one I want love the red and polka dots!

  177. so far #24 because it has a gift certificate for home goods! they are all great though!

  178. i truly can’t pick one, they’re all great for different reasons!

  179. Yours, of course.

  180. LOVE the packaging. Can you come wrap for me this Christmas? The best part of your giveaway? All the homemade gifts. Beautiful.

  181. I want to win just one 🙂

  182. Josanne M. says:

    YOURS!!!! Red is one of my favourite colours, plus I love to bake as well

  183. Your basket is great! I love to bake, red is my favorite color, and red velvet is my favorite cake. Can’t get any better!

  184. Love the red theme looks great so yes your basket Kristy daves wife thanks

  185. Anonymous says:

    All of the basket are awesome, but I have to say I do love to bake and red and white polka dots are so cute.

    poohsweeie 04 at yahoo dot com

  186. All of the baskets each have something great in them and with yours I love all the accessories. I too am a DIY accessory girl. Got my fingers firmly crossed!

  187. I’m just hoping to win one basket! They all look amazing! But the red polka dots would match my red polka dotted couch in this basket perfectly!

  188. There are so many great baskets, but yours goes perfectly with me and my home! I’m a Red Raider Alumni so RED is my #1 color choice for pretty much everything!

  189. My favorite color is red, especially in my kitchen. Yours is one of my favorites 🙂

  190. chef in training i think…or dating divas – but yours is awesome too!

  191. I would honestly be thrilled to win any of the baskets. Many thanks to you and all the other gals for offering such lovely giveaways. *fingers crossed*

  192. All the baskets look great!

  193. I love all your RED items, especially the rosette necklace!

  194. Anonymous says:

    What a fun prize! Love the red kitchen utensils.

  195. I”m excited to win your basket! Love it!

  196. It would be most exciting to win yours!

  197. Your basket (or box) is so cute! I love the Red & White Washi Tape.

  198. Love the red theme!

  199. I would love to win any of them. The items are so different and special in each one. I love yours too!

  200. Love the red polka dots, the necklace is my fav.

  201. Any of them!

  202. I don’t know that I can choose. They are all so great! I love the colors in yours…as would my husband. His favorite color is RED!!

  203. I honestly can’t pick just one! I would be honored to win any of them!

  204. i honestly picked out your basket as my favorite in the collage before i saw it up close. and after i picked it i thought, i bet that’s hers actually! and it was! it’s adorable and i LOVE it! if i don’t win i have to find out how you made that necklace! i want one!

  205. Thank you for your generosity, it looks amazing. Love the red, I’d re-gift this this christmas and pass on the blessing!

  206. pretty excited to get your basket!

  207. Wow.. Everything you do is MAGIC!! Love it! Xo

  208. Anonymous says:

    they are all amazing!

  209. You have great taste, lovely basket 🙂

  210. Anonymous says:

    love the red

  211. Such cute coordination! Love the red!

  212. Anonymous says:

    I love the red flower necklace! So Cute!

  213. I would absolutely be over the moon to win any of the baskets. I love any that include cute jewelry and home accessories.

  214. This is a GREAT basket!!

  215. I LOVE that red necklace!! So super cute!

  216. Honestly, I think they are all super cute and would love to win any of them!


  217. I was looking at the Favorite Things Gift Guide and yours was the first to catch my eye! You have great taste! You can never go wrong with polka dots! You package is filled with all kinds of goodies anyone would love to get!
    Have a great week! 🙂

  218. Keep Calm & Bake On Hot Pad I love it!!!

  219. how to decide?! Eighteen25’s basket sticks out with the super cute houndstooth “basket” but they all look great!

  220. Love them all!!

  221. I’d be ecstatic to win any of them!!

  222. Anything involving cupcakes is a win for me!

  223. love the blog, thx for the giveaway chance!

  224. Love all your red items!

  225. I haven’t gone through all of them, yet… but yours is sooooo adorable! And I am using red as an accent colour in my kitchen, so it’s just perfect. Love all that you are giving away, it’s no wonder they are your favourites! 🙂

  226. yours of course! Honestly i would love any of them. There are some very creative baskets out there! Love them!

  227. any of them! I can’t choose a favorite

  228. In all honesty, I kept seeing the red rosette necklace and wanted to get to that page and find out what it all came with. The colors definitely stood out and I want everything! (red velvet pancake mix?! Tell me more…)

  229. I love your color coordinated basket and all of the handmade items!

  230. Any of them! They’re all so cool!

  231. I would love to win any basket! But i do love you red theme!

  232. I love this one it’s my favorite!

  233. I just found your blog and LOVE it!!! I would say yours!!! I love polka dots, and Red!!!!!

  234. It would be hard to choose a favorite! I love them all! I love the red/polka dot theme of yours! Gives me inspiration!

  235. That necklace would be PERFECT for holiday gatherings! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  236. Anonymous says:

    I love, love, love your basket!

  237. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! This is such a cute idea!

  238. Love the red Silicone Spatula & Whisk set!

  239. I LOVE the red rosette necklace!

  240. I haven’t been to many sites yet, but so far NONE of them are disappointing. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  241. All are so great! Love your packaging!

  242. Love the red theme!

  243. I would love to win any basket because they are all filled with such fun goodies. I am glad I found so many great blogs through this.

  244. I would love to win YOUR basket!

  245. They’re all awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  246. I think all the baskets are great. Love the necklace in yours and I love Lindsey’s from The Pleated Poppy. Thanks for being so generous!!

  247. I would just love to win any of the baskets!

  248. I would love any of them!

  249. All of the baskets are amazing! But my favorites so far are capturing joy or eighteen25. I love the silicone cups in this one. I have wiltons set. I didn’t know that world market made one too.

  250. How can I pick? I would love to win any of them. They are all awesome.

  251. Red is my favorite color so I would love to win yours! Thanks.

  252. I would love to win ANY of the baskets. I do love all the red in yours… it matches my kitchen. Honestly, I am a really competitive person and I am on a mission to win SOMETHING, ANYTHING one of these days. {sigh}

  253. Anonymous says:

    I love all the RED!

  254. oh my gawsh, they are ALL so much fun!!! i would love to win any of them. :]

  255. Red is so swanky! What an amazing combination of favorite things! It would be so exciting to win this polka dot gift package!

  256. Love the red!

  257. What a wonderful idea!!

  258. I can not pick just one basket! They are all so amazing!

  259. They are all wonderful! I would be grateful for any one of them!

  260. Anonymous says:

    Yours I love the Red Velvet!

  261. I would love to win any one of them but if I had to pick I would pick #19 because I need a mini food processor 🙂

  262. I would be happy with any basket, I love them ALL!

  263. all of the baskets look fabulous but I love the cooking utensils in yours!

  264. They’re all amazing (but I have to say that I’m partial to red and polka dots!) 😉

  265. Your basket, of course! (I love the dating divas basket, too.)

  266. I love the bright red and I love red velvet

  267. All of the baskets look amazing and would be so fun to win. I do love all the handmade items in yours:)

  268. Loving all the red!

  269. I love all the baskets, but I love how yours has a red theme and everything goes together. I love the candle. 🙂

  270. Yours!!! I love the red and white and polka dots…all my favorites!

  271. Love the whole red theme. Red is my favorite color because it is so vibrant and makes me happy.

  272. I’d be happy with any of them! You all did a great job putting these together!

  273. Looking pretty in red! Came here from the girl who ate everything!

  274. Great blog! Love all the lovely gifts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE red velvet myself!!!!

  275. I love it all…cute red and polka dot theme!

  276. I would love to win your basket! I love red and red velvet cake is DELICIOUS! <3

  277. i love the keep calm in your basket! i would love to win any of the baskets, they have all been put together so nicely!

  278. I love the red in your basket. really, i have only gotten through a few of them but all are amazing. Pleated poppy looks good to me!

  279. I agree with what April says. I would be Thankful to win any of the baskets. They are all unique in their own way.

  280. A-dorable! Simply adorable! Love your polka dot box of sweet goodies!

  281. LOVE LOVE red velvet!!

  282. I love your giveaway!!! I would LOVE to win your giveaway!!! I’m a new follower of your blog and I’m LOOOVING it so far 🙂

  283. I am in LOVE with your basket. I love making things as well.

  284. Would so love to win this!

  285. I love all of them…your’s is great and I also love #19

  286. your basket! because of all the red!

  287. I love ALL of them. You’re all so creative and fun. I’d be thankful for any 🙂

  288. How could I possibly pick one. They all look great!

  289. I couldn’t possibly choose just one favorite! I do love yours though, as its filled with some of my favorites as well…red, polka dots, and baking goodies!

  290. This comment has been removed by the author.

  291. I honestly like most all of them. I think it would be fun to win this one because I LOVE RED VELVET!

  292. Yours of course! 🙂

  293. Any basket. Seriously…you’ve really outdone yourselves. Awesome giveaways!

  294. Love your color-coordinated basket, so festive! Red is my favorite color for the kitchen, thanks for the chance to win!

  295. I would love to win any of them, but yours is so cool because you took the time to theme it red. Happy Christmas!

  296. I really like your cheery, red basket! And Red Velvet anything is YUM!

  297. I would love to win any of them as well. Love all the red in yours!

  298. Well, seeing as red is my favorite colors, yours is in my favorites list, that’s for sure! I also love eighteen25’s crafty goodness!

  299. I love your basket, red is my favorite color!

  300. I love the red and white! I want to do my kitchen in I Love Lucy so these Red accessories would be awesome!

  301. Yours is so cute with everything red. I also like 3, 6, and 13.

  302. Would love yours or the pleated poppy

  303. They are all great! Hard to pick just one! Love the red and white polka dots! Thanks!

  304. I love yours but the dating divas has a great one also!

  305. Yours looks amazing; I’m obsessed with fun kitchen items!!!

  306. Anonymous says:

    Love them all. They are all great.

  307. I think my husband would be very excited if I wont this basket! 🙂

  308. Wow, to pick one!!! I don’t think I can, but the red velvet cupcakes and pancakes really caught my eye! VERY CUTE BASKET

  309. Anonymous says:

    Everything in your basket is fantastic. I love the humor of the hot pad! Your rosette necklace it way cool!


  310. Love all the polka dots! thanks for the chance to win!

  311. all of the baskets are amazing!

  312. loving the red themed box and treats!

  313. All of these baskets are amazing! I love the accessories you made!

  314. I like your basket the best! I love all of the red polka dot items too cute!

  315. I love the red kitchen utensils!

  316. I want to win them all! 🙂

  317. I am loving your basket! I’m a cupcake girl and this basket has my name written all over it!

  318. The necklace!

  319. I <3 red velvet!! (:

  320. So far, I would love to win any of them, but eighteen25’s looks great.

  321. julia mcintosh says:

    All of the gifts would be great to win. I love the kitchen utensils.

  322. There are so many wonderful baskets! I LOVE the red velvet mix in yours!
    I love the Q&A book one, the ones from Capturing Joy and TidyMom, and the baking ones from Chef in Training and Love the Day! I’d also like to FINALLY get a jumpstart on my project life binders for my kids so I like the one from Click it up a Notch too. SO many wonderful baskets!

  323. I love all the Red and Black theme!

  324. Yours! I love polka dots!

  325. I’d love to win your basket! I love the red!

  326. I love the necklace! It’s super cute and I don’t have anything like it!

  327. I love all of them, but have to say, I would especially like ones that have gift cards, so I can help cross off some Christmas shopping for others on my list too! 😉

  328. I love your basket. It will go really well in my Black & White kitchen. Brighten right up!

  329. I would LOVE to win yours. I’d have to say the Dating Divas’ basket is tied as well! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway. Such cute items.

  330. I would love to win your basket!! You have so many cute and fun things in it. 🙂

  331. I would love to win yours!! So cute!! 🙂

  332. I love all of the baskets. How can I choose just one??? How about this…whichever one I win (ha!) will be my favorite!

  333. I follow The Diary of Daves Wife on FB as Kathy Newsom Davis.

  334. I would love to win any of them! Most contain items I’ve never tried.

  335. Ok, your basket is the cutest! I heart the polka dots!!

  336. I would love to win yours!!

  337. Your giveaway was the first one that caught my eye! You have such great taste! We seem to enjoy some of the same things! Whoever wins this will be one happy girl! Thanks so much for the opportunity! 🙂

  338. LOVE everything Polka Dot!!! So cute.

  339. I love your basket! The red is so pretty!

  340. Wow, any of the baskets would be WONDERFUL!

  341. Loving all the red, my favorite color!

  342. I love the necklace really cute, so yours!

  343. Great basket!!

  344. Would love to win this gift just to try the red velvet pancakes…sounds yummy!

  345. How fun is this! Great ideas!

  346. red velvet mixins

  347. They all look great but yours…..Red Velvet Pancake Mix. Need to experience this!

  348. I love the red color theme.

  349. Hard to choose a favorite. Loving your red and polka dot theme. SO cute!!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  350. I love all of these baskets! They are awesome! I do love red, though and my kitchen accessories are red so those would fit right in!!

  351. Oh gosh, it’s so hard to pick! I love your bag, but “The Girl Who Ate Everything” is giving away a sequin apron and I’m kind of obsessed with that too.

  352. How could I possibly choose?! I really love how yours is color themed.

  353. I absolutely love all the baking goodies in your and chef in training

  354. I’d be thankful to win any of these awesome baskets. I can tell everyone put a lot of thought into them, and it’s a lot of fun to check out favorites!

  355. Love them all- but really like your red basket with the whisk. 🙂

  356. Love the silicone baking cups

  357. silicone baking cups.

  358. i would be happy to win any of them! 🙂

  359. The red is AWESOME~! Cool basket and I love it all!

  360. Any would be amazing, if I had to pick one I’d #19. The Girl Who Ate Everything

  361. I would love to win any of the baskets!

  362. I would want to win your Basket! Love the theme! But of course I would be grateful for any of them!

  363. I love yours because it is all about red which is my favorite color!!!!

  364. I would love to win any of them, they are all so neat and different from each other!

  365. red white and polka dots! love it!

  366. I Love the Red Rose Necklace made by you!

  367. I would love to win any of them. I love yours b/c I am hoping to make our family gift baskets just like it. I’m thinking pancake mixes, kitchen towels and other fun stuff.

  368. Your basket! Perfect for a girl just moving out on her own!
    Amanda Sakovitz on form

  369. You basket of course! Because all the red goodies are just so fetching!

  370. i would love to win any of them. i would love to win the necklace in yours!

  371. red velvet pancake mix sounds fun:)

  372. I haven’t seen one that I wouldn’t love to get. I love all of your awesome red products.

  373. I would be so grateful to win any of them! This is so fun! Thanks!

  374. I love the red:) So cute!!!

  375. I would be excited to win any one of them. There is something in each one that I would love to have. Loving all the red in yours.

  376. Your basket is my favorite! I adore polka dots and the color red so I just squealed when I saw the photo of what you had put together…Just pure loveliness!!!

  377. This comment has been removed by the author.

  378. Anonymous says:

    I would be so excited to win ANY basket-for real!! 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaways!! Becky Jones abcjones@comcast.net

  379. Anonymous says:

    Red Velvet is my FAVORITE! Love this!!


  380. Love all the baskets! What a fun giveaway!

  381. Yours of course! Love all your polka dot items!

  382. I would love to win any of them. The odds of me winning any one of them is astronomical!

  383. New house – new kitchen – all in red – yours would finish it off perfectly!

  384. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to win most any of the baskets, but the Vintage Revival basket looks especially interesting.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  385. Anonymous says:

    your basket looks awesome with all of the handmade items and red baking accessories!! (swoon!)

  386. I would love to win anything!! All of the baskets are super neat and I would be happy and excited to win one! 🙂

  387. Tiffany K says:

    Love your basket! They are all so cute I’d be happy winning any of them.

  388. Anonymous says:

    I love World Market!

  389. LOVE your polka dots!

  390. I think this one looks so different and unique… all are amazing, but I love how this one looks really creative!

  391. I like Six Sister’s Stuff basket and of course yours….I like the Keep Calm hotpad and the polka dots too…ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  392. Such a hard decision! I do love your basket. Very cute.
    lisaandandre at yahoo dot com

  393. I love all the baskets. Each one offers something that I love!

  394. They’re all so different! I’d be thrilled with any of them (:

  395. Anonymous says:

    So cute!!!

  396. I would love to win any of them! These are so fun!!

  397. Yours, of course!

  398. I love your basket. Red and White are my favorite. I love polka dots!

  399. Every basket is AWESOME! I LOVE all of the red in yours- but I think it would be fun to win the one from The Dating Divas. It would be cool to date my husband of 14 years again.

  400. Joelle Hodgins says:

    I really like the flower earrings in the kojodesigns basket! BUT I actually would love to win yours. I love red, polka dots, and am sooo excited to make red velvet pancakes!

  401. love ALL of them! Love your polka dots!

  402. I would love to win your basket. It looks like my sister’s kitchen!! And funny enough, her husbands name is Dave. 🙂 Would make a great christmas present for her!!

  403. Love, love love your basket! What can I say? Red is my favorite color!!!! Would love to win it!

  404. Really, I like all of them. I do really like the red and white in yours!

  405. They are all so fun but I LOVE Target so I’d have to say the Target giftcard ones! thanks!!!

  406. I like them all but love the girl who ate everything’s basket.

  407. I would love to win any of them – yours is the cutest by far, though!

  408. I would be happy to win anyone of them, but i really do love yours!

  409. Vintage Revivals but yours is pretty swell too

  410. I LOVE the red! Keep Calm and Carry On!

  411. They all have their own style and flair!! Any would be wonderful!

  412. Anonymous says:

    Never made any red velvet. This would be exciting to win.

  413. I think I’d like number 11 the most- it has lots of baking goodies that are just up my alley. I really like a lot of the stuff in your basket and I thought the theme was very cute!

  414. Really cute fun stuff!

  415. I’d love to win any of them! 🙂

  416. I’m most excited for the basket from Vintage Revivals, mostly because I want the giant hand with the thumbs up.

  417. Your basket! I ADORE the color red and polka dots!

  418. Thanks for being part of such a great giveaway – I love all of these ideas!

  419. I would love to win any of the baskets! It’s been so fun blog hopping to see each one!

  420. OH my gosh, I would just be so happy to win any one of these awesome gifts!

  421. what a gorgeous basket. love the red white theme! beautiful.

  422. I really like Love the Day’s gift basket, but they are all fun!

  423. Love the baking stuff and the jewelry!

  424. I love all that red! My favorite item would most likely be the rose necklace! I love it all though…

  425. Love your basket and all the red!!!

  426. Would love to win any of the baskets! They are all fabulous! – Karen

  427. Would love to win any of them! They are all fabulous! – Karen

  428. I love every single item in your basket, so I’d have to pick yours 😉

  429. Yours of course!

  430. Wow, great red, my favorite color, it is the accent in 5 of my rooms.

  431. They’re all great! I really like yous & Eighteen25’s is pretty great, too…

  432. I love this basket, but I am also a huge fan of the basket over at Pleated Poppy.

  433. So far yours is my favorite, I love all of the great red stuff! 🙂

  434. Yours! I love the box!!!

  435. Yours! Love that necklace!

  436. I think that all of the baskets are wonderful, it is too hard to pick just one. I would be thrilled to death to win any one of them.

  437. Anonymous says:

    Love red anything!

  438. Love the Red Rosette Necklace!!

  439. Anonymous says:

    So fun! I love that you included things that you made!

  440. I honestly love your basket! I would be honored to win any of these great baskets. God Bless

  441. Great Basket – love the red and polka dots!!

  442. I would love to win any of them. Just winning would put me steps ahead because I never win anything!!

  443. That is tough….so many great ones…I’m just hoping to be lucky enough to win one. 🙂

  444. ALL the baskets are awesome! I love all your red! And I have no idea what washi tape is, but I have seen it in several baskets. I guess it is something I am missing out on!

  445. I’d love to win your basket. I love all the baking supplies you included.

  446. I love all the baskets! How fun!

  447. I would love to win any of them…but yours is so cute! I LOVE the red polka dot!!

  448. At this moment…YOURS! I adore red. & pancakes. So count me in for some red velvet pancakes! 🙂

  449. I love all the red. So pretty

  450. I’m a fan of red velvet cupcake/cake!

  451. Yours! It reminds me of Christmas!!

  452. They all look so amazing! I would take any (or all!) of them!

  453. All the baskets are great and I love yours because I love baking!

  454. would love to win THIS one! the reds are so festive and cute!

  455. You’ve all have done a wonderful job picking the cutest things!!

  456. They are all so awesome and unique! I love this whole idea, and your polka dots are too cute!

  457. so cute. Would love to try the baking cups.

  458. I love World Market’s kitchen things!

  459. They all look pretty fabulous, but 18, 19 and 21 look Really Great!

  460. This is so fun visiting all these blogs! What a great contest!

  461. I would love to win the one from Click it up a Notch

  462. I would love to win any of them really, they all of tons of great stuff! I love yours tho because my kitchen is all red and white so everything in your basket would go great in my house!

  463. I love this one!! But, any of them would be great!

  464. Any of them they are great!

  465. Your basket, I love all the cute red things!

  466. Anonymous says:

    Love all of it! I would like to have the silicon cups.


  467. Anonymous says:
  468. Oh my! I don’t know if I can choose! There are must haves in each basket.

  469. I love your basket, it’s so cute and I love the items in it!

  470. I love all of the effort everyone put into their baskets! So much fun. Of course I have to say yours. It’s soooo beyond adorable. Every time I visit your site I am always loving the crisp pop of red and white. Thanks!

  471. Any gift basket would be great to win!

  472. I love them all, but Lil Luna speaks to me!

  473. I’d be happy with any of them but yours is awesome!! I LOVE red and polka dots rock!

  474. gosh that’s like asking me to pick which kid is my favorite. I love all the great ideas in each one

  475. I’ve been reading The Pleated Poppy for a long time so I would say Lindsey’s box, but I also love yours! 🙂

  476. I’m a MAD red-velvet fan!!! Thanks!

  477. Yours of course, and Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy

  478. Donna Cheatle says:

    I would love to have all of them, lol. In the spirit of the giving and sharing season I’ll be happy to win yours! I’m lovin the RED!!

  479. What a fun giveaway….love the red theme too!


  480. Anonymous says:

    They all look great, but the one from Sew Craft Create is the one I’m hoping for the most.

    Thanks for the chance!
    sandralclark at outlook.com

  481. Your basket is so beautiful! I love baking (especially at this time of year) too!

  482. I think all the baskets are Fantastic!!!

  483. I love your basket cuz of all the red and polka dot, and also eighteen25 basket.

  484. Lovely basket, It is hard to choose, I think the one you want is the one you get.

  485. Fun red colors and such FUN stuff!

  486. I like them all. I can not decide which is my favorite.

  487. Polka dots polka dots pola dots!! so cute!!

  488. Great basket- love the washi tape!

  489. Yours! We’re renovating our kitchen…black, white, grey with pops of RED!

  490. I love each one, they all have something special that represents each blogger! love them!

  491. I would love to win them all!!!! Ok I know you cant pick them all but i would be happy to win any of the them they are all so wonderful!
    Thanks for the chance sandy

  492. I would love them all!!!!! Ok ok i know just one, but I would not mind having any of them! Thanks for the great chance to win!

  493. I love all the gifts in your basket, but I would be thrilled to win any of the giveaways.

  494. I would have to say yours, it was the first one that caught my eye!

  495. Yours! But they all look awesome!

  496. The red rosette necklace is probably my favorite but everything looks so fun!!

  497. Jacalyn W says:

    I would love any of them, but I’m loving yours right now. Red Velvet is one of my favorites! 🙂

  498. Love all the red in this basket!!

  499. I like all of them- but really like #9.

  500. I’d take any of them!

  501. all the baskets are incredible and I’d love to win any of them!

  502. I love baking, so yours is one of my favorites! They all look fun, though!

  503. I really like the ideas in several of the baskets. It seems like there is s something unique about each one. I love the polka dots you have going on… Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  504. love this basket!!

  505. I love the necklace so cute

  506. This is such a fun giveaway!!

  507. I want to win YOUR basket! 😉

  508. Anonymous says:

    All of them .. hard to just decide on ONE. I think you ladies are very creative by picking out each items to put in the baskets. I am going to be very happy to receive 1 of them .. thank you for this fantastic giveaway!

    ghalim at yahoo dot com

  509. love all the red polka dots! so you! 🙂

  510. I’d love to win any of them. You are all so generous!

  511. how can i possibly pick one basket to be my favorite?! they are all awesome! i love that you color coordinated yours-so cute!

  512. Any i entered!

  513. The basket that I am most excited to win is yours because I love the polka dots!

  514. Your’s of course but I would be happy to win any of them! I love all your polk-a-dots!!

  515. Any of them would be awesome! I love all the red in yours 🙂

  516. The rosette neclace is so beautiful. I’d love to win it and wear it!!!

  517. Yours!I am obsessed wit anything red! lanzaelizabeth77 at gmail dot com

  518. The rosette neclase is so beautiful! Oh, it would be fun to win it and to wear it!

  519. I’d be happy to win any of these awesome baskets! In each, I’ve found several items that I’d love to receive and give!

  520. Well they are all amazing but so far 2, 4, 8, 13, and yours are my favorite 🙂

  521. Red is my favorite color!

  522. Yours, of course!

  523. I am drawn to your basket. I love all the red and polka dots. So cute!

  524. Wow that is a hard question. I love them all!

  525. There so many great ones I would feel blessed to win any of them!!

  526. I promise I’m not trying to be a suck-up, but I would really love to win yours. Red and white are so beautiful together, and I love baking. PLUS, my wedding cake was red velvet I love it so much!

  527. Any of them!!!

  528. Love RED!

  529. Your basket is Amaahzing and in your signature colors of course!

  530. Your basket is amahzing and in your signature colors, of course!

  531. I have only checked a few but I love them all! I do like the cute colors in yours 🙂

  532. All of the baskets have something that I love so it’s hard to choose one but I think I would choose Chef in Training, I love the biscoff spread and my jar is almost empty.

  533. I want to win your basket out of all of them!!!

  534. I would be ecstatic to win any of these baskets. They are all filled with such fun things. What a great present!

  535. I’d love yours or #23. But they’re all great!

  536. I honestly thought about this for a while and I don’t think I could choose just one! If I could combine different things from each basket together maybe?? Haha but it would have to be almost everything from each and I’d just have a GIANT basket 🙂

  537. I love the necklace that you made and I LOVE red velvet!! Thank you!

  538. They’re all so fun, I can’t pick one! I’d be over the moon to win any of them. Love that your “basket” is all red!

  539. I love the red/polka dots of your stuff!

  540. I am not sure what I would be the most excited about getting! i LOVE the necklace & the earrings!!! and the candle!!! OH MY WORD!!!!!

  541. So much red!! I love it! 🙂

  542. Each basket has some really great ideas! I love the theme and gifts in yours, truly. I am also excited about the food processor from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

  543. most excited for the baking cups!

  544. I can’t decide! I want them all!!! Or I’d be happy with just one 😉

  545. Shannon E. says:

    I love all of them it’s way too hard to choose!

  546. I love the polka dot earrings!

  547. I would love to win your basket!

  548. Yum red velvet cupcake mix! That sounds deadly delicious 🙂

  549. Oh my goodness! I love it!

  550. I haven’t gotten through all the baskets yet, but so far they are all AWESOME! I would be excited to win any of them…..do I really have to choose one??

  551. I love polka dots! Even my classroom is decorated in polka dots!!
    I would be happy to explore new things with any of them…but I did get a new camera and would like to learn a thing or two…so I would like 2 or4

  552. I’m exited about your home made jewellery.

  553. I love all of them, but my favorite is #2 from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

  554. Red Velvet pancake mix.

  555. I really love your basket… it’s the prettiest! and congrats on your new addition!

  556. Yours!

  557. The red EVERYTHING is just SOOOO cute!

  558. Any, but I love the earrings you are offering! Adorable!

  559. I just love all the red, great giveway.

  560. I’m so excited about your basket. I hope I win it!


  561. As much as I would be excited to win ANYTHING, I need a silicone whisk, so your basket is at the top of my list right now 🙂

  562. As much as I would be excited to win ANYTHING, I need a silicone whisk, so your basket is at the top of my list right now 🙂

  563. I would love to win any of them, honesty. I never win anything….EVER! LOL I have to say that yours is the cutest though. The whole color theme is adorable. It looks like you went to so much trouble. I think that makes yours the best. I also like Tattertots and Jello. Thanks for the opportunity! Love Jaime!

  564. I would love to win YOURS!

  565. i think we might be related! i am all about red, aqua, and POLKA DOTS!!!!

  566. I want to win your basket!! BIG surprise 😉 Thank you!!

  567. Any basket would be nice to win, but I do love all the red in yours!

  568. So far I have loved them all. 🙂

  569. Love your basket!!!!!!

  570. I really got excited to see all the craft supplies in the http://www.iheartnaptime.net/my-favorite-things-giveaway/ basket!

  571. I like yours a lot, because I am a baker (self-proclaimed), and I also love lil lunas!

  572. Yours would be great! There are so many other great ones as well!

  573. I’d love to win yours! The jewelry is so darling!

  574. Umm, can’t I just win them all?!?! 🙂 Each are all so special that I’d be thrilled beyond belief to win/receive one! Though, I’d have to say I’d really, really, really, REALLY love to win Click It Up A Notch or Kristen Dukes! Those photography books/guides look amazing!

  575. I’d love to win ANY basket! They all have so many amazing items! Thanks so much!

  576. They are all so cute but I love love the eighten25 one!

  577. Your basket selection is Greta! I love the polka dots! Great choices!

  578. They are all so fabulous! I do like yours for sure!

  579. I’d be thrilled to win any of them!

  580. I can’t pick a favorite, I’ll just leave it to luck!

  581. I love the red polka dot theme going here, current fave!

  582. I’m loving looking at all of the amazing baskets everyone put together…each has so many awesome things…I could never pick just one, and would be happy to win any of them.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win yours!

  583. I really like all of them and would be super pleased to win any one, but I really have gravitated toward the dating divas basket.

  584. I love all of the baskets but I really love all of the red in yours! And the cupcakes would be amazing too 🙂

  585. I’d be thrilled to win any one of them!!

  586. Awesome ideas!

  587. I would love to win any of them. They are all cute. 🙂 I do love all the your red themed one. It would go perfect with my red themed kitchen!

  588. Yours red is one of my favorite colors

  589. I would love to win any of them! 🙂

  590. I am SO excited about the red silicone baking cups! Definitely my favorite!

  591. I would love to win any of them. They are all fabulous!!

  592. Love the red in your basket!!!

  593. All of the baskets are great! I really like yours and LeighAnne’s!

  594. I LOVE Polka Dots!!

  595. I love yours and 22!!!!

  596. Why yours of course!

  597. All of the baskets are amazing! Your’s looks great!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  598. All the baskets are so fun! Love the red!

  599. I love that your basket is color-coordinated. And red velvet anything.

  600. The World Market is my favorite store!! Your basket is fantastic. Thanks for the chance to enter the give away

  601. I love them all!!My favorite color is red!! 🙂

  602. I love all the red in your basket!

  603. They are all wonderful! Too hard to pick just one!

  604. I like the rosette necklace!!! So cute!

  605. Any basket would be awesome, there are each so unique.

  606. yours!

  607. love your style…i love all things polka dot!

  608. I love, love, love polka dots. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  609. Love the polka dots! This contest is great for finding new bloggers. So glad you were included 🙂

  610. I love the rosette necklace and red cooking utensils.

  611. Yours of course! I love that potholder and the necklace!

  612. I love lots of the different giveaways – including yours!

  613. Yours! I love red and white and polka dots..that is what my house is decorated in!

  614. I love it!!! Polka dots are my favorite!! 🙂

  615. I love all of these baskets! Such a great variety in all of them! 🙂 That said, I LOVE red and would love to have those beautiful red kitchen tools standing out in my kitchen! Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  616. It’s so hard to pick just one basket! One of each please!

  617. I love yours and I love Lil’ Luna! They are both cute and adorable!

  618. I would love to win any of the boxes, but yours is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! :]

  619. I love your blog!!

  620. I do so LOVE RED!!!! This would be terrific!

  621. Red velvet pancakes?! MMMMMMM

  622. I’m a crafter so I love sew.craft.create.’s basket, but I also love baking, and when you couple that with polka dots you have a winning mix!


  623. Would love to win – the red and white is so pretty.

  624. I would absolutely love to win any of the baskets! I love all the red in yours, and I love all the baking stuff. All of them are so exciting!

  625. I LOVE all things red! Such a happy package!

  626. I would be ecstatic to win any of them but I do LOVE your necklace!

  627. LOVE them all

  628. Love yours!!

  629. Any one would be great.

  630. I would love to win your basket!

  631. Your basket of course!

  632. Well…hard to pick one or even 3 they’re all great…anything red, shinny and cute calls my name. thank You!

  633. I love all of them…but I love your polka-dot themed basket….so cute! 🙂

    –Anna Schmidt

  634. Love the red velvet pancakes and cupcakes in your basket!
    Nicole Simon

  635. Any of them! 🙂

  636. Yours–I’m obsessed with RED!

  637. All of them are adorable!!

  638. Love them all, but red is my favorite color so I pick your favorite things, besides, I am dying to try red velvet pancakes.
    Kathy Davis

  639. My husband loves anything red velvet! 🙂

  640. yours!!

  641. I would love to win your handmade accessories, thanks!

  642. There is no way I could pick just one… you all were so creative. Thank you for taking time to do this for us all.

  643. love it!!!

  644. Your red polka dots!

  645. All the baskets are amazing and I want them all 🙂

  646. Yours! I love all the red!
    Thank you!

  647. I love all the jewelry you made!

  648. If i win any I will freak out!

  649. Love them all, but the red caught my eye… plus I have a food blog, so I’m drawn to the kitchen items 🙂

  650. Love them all but the red caught my eye. Plus I have a food blog, so loving the kitchen items 🙂

  651. I would be tickled to win any of them!

  652. I’d love to be seeing RED! :0)

  653. yours!

  654. Tee Johnson says:

    This is fabulous! Make me want to cook even more 😉

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