Neon Nail Polish: How to make it POP

After spending a week in California with my family recently,
I noticed that everywhere I turned I was seeing 
And not just on the girls, but on the guys too.
Neon swimsuits, shirts, sandals, you name it!
So the other day when I was at the grocery store I found a small bottle of Neon Nail Polish
and thought that I would channel my inner 80’s child
and join in on NEON fad.
{in a small way}
So I got it home, opened the bottle and started applying it to my nails,
and I was seriously disappointed that the color wasn’t as NEON as I wanted it to be.
So after trying a few different tips and tricks I found the perfect way  to 
make my my Neon Mani really POP.
I promise the color on my nails is much brighter in person than the pics show. 
Here is what you will need:
Your favorite color of NEON nail polish
{i chose electric pink}
and a bottle of white polish.
And a Clear Top Coat {not pictured}
Now please don’t judge,
I don’t have “perfect” nails or hands of a nail model.
First apply a very thin coat of white nail polish as your base coat.
It doesn’t have to be perfect, just make sure it is thin, and dries completely.
Next apply 2-3 Coats of your Neon Color until the white is covered completely.
Allow to Dry Completely.
I usually apply 2 coats of clear to try to achieve a nice wet look.
And now your Neon Mani Really POPS!
The white base coats really allows the color to pop!
 I have also found that applying a white base coat under other lighter colors that
have a tendency to look dull, also makes them stand out
and look brighter as well.!
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  1. Genius! I am so doing this…thanks for the tip!

  2. this is great! I have several colors that are much more subdued compared to the color in the bottle. I can’t wait to try this tip!

  3. Great tip, thanks! Your nails look cute!

  4. So glad you shared this with us! 🙂

    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following..I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some Swedish décor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  6. LOVE THIS FANTASTIC TIP. Love the color too. ROCK IT GIRL! winks, jen

  7. Great tip! Can’t wait to try it. I love that color of pink.

  8. Your blog is so cute! So many great ideas (I love the pink nailpolish by the way). I’m excited to be a new follower. I would love if you stopped by and followed me back at

  9. Dude. Your nails look phenom, but that is seriously a lot of work…I suppose that this is why I never have manicured nails. Lazy. Plain and simple.

    Great tip. Pinning it on my beauty board now 🙂

    xoxo, Tauni

  10. WHY have I not thought of that? White polish underneath! Genius!

  11. your nails look gorgeous!!!! and I would have never thought to use the white underneath, thanks for the great tip!!

    would love it if you could share this on my link party –

  12. Awesome. I just did a post on Bold Summer Colors this week on my blog.

    Make sure you stop by and share this at my Flaunt It Friday link party.
    Can’t wait to see more posts.


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