My {Christmas} Home Part 3

Today I will be showing you the last of inside
Christmas Decor in my Home
As you can see, I have made a dent in wrapping!
But I am Still not Done YET!
Hopefully tonight when the little one is sleeping I will get the rest of it D.O.N.E.
While I watch last night’s DVR’d A Michael Buble Christmas Special
In My Cozy Family Room
An Upclose of the Mirror and the Believe Banner I made at a Recent Craft Night
okay, I REALLY didn’t make this at the Craft night.
I actually just started it.
I am one of THOSE people who talks too much and can’t get her Craft done!
So I brought it home and finished it.
If you are interested in the NOEL Printable go get it HERE
On the opposite side of the room sits our 
 Entertainment Center 
with MORE Christmas Trees Of Course!
 And a Nixon size Chair & Frosty the Snowman.
Christmas is ALMOST here!  
I am going to blink and it will all be over.
Are you ready yet?
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  1. It all looks so cozy and festive – love the mini trees. No, not quite ready here – I still have to brave the grocery store AGAIN. But tomorrow it’s all about the eating…

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