Mod Podge Shoes {The Tutorial}

I know some of you have been waiting very patiently for this tutorial!
So without further adeiu. . . 
Let’s get “Podging”
Today I will be showing you how I created this shoe
Here is the Official “Before” Picture of the shoe 
These teeny-tiny shoes belong to my Sister-In-Law Melissa
Were still in good condition.
SO I decided to only cover the wedge portion of this shoe.
First I drew a pattern using a Paper Towel & Pencil
{yes, I said paper towel}
Wrap your paper towel around the area of the shoe that you want covered in fabric
In this case, just the wedge heel.
Secure it in place with tape if you need to, so i doesn’t slide around
and find the seam of the shoe with a pencil 
And Trace along that seam.
Here is a pic of that same seam without the paper towel on it so you know what your are looking for.
Once you have the entire area traced.
Remove your paper towel and cut out your pattern piece with scissors.
It should look like this.
Next pin your pattern onto your fabric.
And cut out around your pattern giving yourself 1/4 inch allowance
Trust Me.
Your cut out pattern piece should look like this.
Remove your pins and set aside your pattern.
Get out your Trusty Mod Podge and a foam brush
 And coat the entire area of the shoe evenly with Mod Podge
You are going to wrap your fabric around the part of the shoe you are covering.
And slightly stretch the fabric to make sure it sticks tightly.
Yes, your fabric should hang over the edges about a 1/4 inch.
And if your Mod Podge starts to bleed through your fabric
Like this
{IT’s Okay}
Just smooth it down with your brush.
And cover the rest of the exterior of the shoe with Mod Podge.
This is where you will need to be patient and Allow the Mod Podge to dry.
I would give it at least an hour.
Once it is dry to the touch You will need a VERY sharp Exacto Knife.
Find the same seam that you used to trace earlier
And drag your Knife firmly along the seam to trim off the excess fabric.
The sharper your knife is, the cleaner your seam will be.
If you do get some frayed edges, turn your exacto-knife around and use the back side 
of the knife to tuck those frayed edges into the seam.
Clean off any excess Mod Podge that may have gotten on to the rest of your shoe.
And embellish with cute bows or flowers.
If you are interested in purchasing some of my new  inter-changable shoe clips.
Which can be worn on the toe, side, or back of the shoe,
My first line will be available for purchase in my etsy shop 
July 8th.


  1. I was waiting for that! Thanks!

  2. Saw you on the Valley Dish today showing this!! I had to look on your website! Love Love Love the shoes!! So cute!

  3. Shut the front door… those are so darn cute. WAY TO GO TO YOU AND to MOD PODGE. I seriously love that stuff. Love the shoes, well done. winks-jen

  4. Too bad they spent too much time on that darn chicken recipe! Love the shoes and you were cute too.

  5. I absolutely “crazy” love this…Now I know what I can do to change out my 150+ shoes….

  6. Oh my goodness I’m in love with your shoe re-fashion! I would never have thought of it. I LOVE the way it turned out!

  7. what the fruit?!?! How did I not find your site before now!?!? This is so awesome! I showed my husband and he says thanks! you just saved our budget 🙂 🙂 I’m so glad I found you on Jen’s site 🙂 🙂

  8. This is fantastic!! I’ve been using mod podge to make custom “keds” for my daughter using leftover fabric from outfits I’ve made her. Never once did I think of using it on my shoes!! Brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

  9. I mean seriously, I hate shoes. Well, I did hate shoes until you showed me what I can do with them. I just don’t like spending a lot of money on material possessions so I shop at thrift stores and refashion some things. But I also don’t like how worn out the shoes at thrift stores are. You are a miracle my friend. I’m a new follower. Come by and see me sometime 🙂

  10. Now That, is a refashion, folks! Totally awesome! Who woulda thunk it!!!! I would love love LOVE for you to share this over at Trash 2 Treasure Tuesdays:

    p.s. not that they were “trash” to begin with…

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love the b&w polkadot pillow w/the polkadot pumps!! Did you craft this too? Would love to see your tutorial if you did. Looked for it, but didn’t locate it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The pillow I referred to has the white w/black polka dotted flower in the middle.

  13. Michelle says:

    Quick question…what did you do with the excess at the bottom to finish it off. Just cut? Or tuck? Thanks!

  14. I like how you made a pattern using a paper towel. When I tried this project, I just glued my fabric on and cut as I went. The pattern would probably make things more straight.

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