A new Look & A {Daily Dose} Of Genius

As some of you have noticed, I am working on a few changes to the look of
I have been playing around with a New Banner 
What do you think? I also changed the Font on here too.
Love it/Hate it?
Plus there will be some other much needed changes to come soon as well.
Do YOU have any other ideas that would look better?
Let me know what you think I would GREATLY appreciate it!
I Constructive Criticism.
Now, On to my newest feature…..
Saw this post at A Girl & a Glue Gun
and amongst some of the great ideas she listed, This ONE I HAD to check it out for myself!
Took Her ChalkBoard Pantry Door and Put it in the Bathroom
Yes, You heard me Right,
Here are My Favorites

These made me
And even though, I don’t have a door in my bathroom I can paint with Chalk Board Paint
Some of These Sayings would make some Funny Wall Art for a Guest Bathroom!
And would make ANY trip to the Bathroom MUCH more Pleasant :0)


  1. I really like those bathroom sayings you found. The first one is totally how I feel with 2 young boys that literally have no cllue where to aim!!! Love it- I really want to paint that on their door!

  2. The banner is adorable.

  3. Thank your for stopping my my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.
    The paint color in my laundry room is called “fresh hay.” It is one of martha stewart’s older colors; if you go to Lowe’s they can definitely look it up for you. I got mine mixed just a couple weeks ago, so I know they can do it. Also, I got it half-strength, the full-strength color was a bit too dark for my little space. Hope this helps.
    I am lovin’ you blog. Those sayings are too funny. I am going to use one of them in my little boys’ bathroom. Thank you!
    p.s. I am your newest follower.

  4. OMGsh I love that you posted this! Thanks so much! I was so shocked to see it pop up, lol! You rock!

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