If You Ask Me. . .

Birthday’s are Nature’s way of telling us to eat more Cake.

Last Night,  {THIS} ↓ is what I dreamed about ALL NIGHT!

I ♥ Red Velvet Cake
{of course I would. . . it’s RED!}
And it tastes so YUMMY!

Thank You to ALL who have wished Me Happy Birthday!
Here is to the LAST year of my Twenties!

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  1. Mmm…that cake looks yummy! Happy Birthday!

  2. That cake looks so good. Did you know they have Red Velvet cheese cake at Cheese Cake Factory. My husband loves Cheese cake and I was looking at all the different cheese cakes and I thought of you when I saw Red Velvet Cheese cake.

  3. Happy birthday and there is a place called nothin bundt cake and their red velvet is to die for

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