Easter Bunny Pops

Easter Bunny Pops

This week I have been making plans for Easter. Since my Easter Decorations are all up,  I went out and found coordinating Sunday attire for all of us, picked up Easter Candy, Eggs, and a few fun things for the boys Easter Baskets.   Dare I say, that instead of procrastinating this year, I am actually ahead?  I better go knock on wood.  Then I saw these Ca-ute printable Easter Bunny Ears at the TomKat Studio.  Thankfully, my boys are {Read More}

Easter Mantel

Easter Mantle

My poor neglected mantel has sat undecorated since Valentines Day.  Tragic I know.   But after a trip to Target and finding an amazing Vintage Window from a local vendor.  I had all the pieces to make it perfect for Easter. If you follow me on Instagram, I recently shared that I found these 2 items at Target: First up, this gorgeous paper wreath. Yes, you read that right! Those flowers are made of paper.  I love their texture, color, {Read More}

Lemon Brownies

lemon brownies

What is your favorite Spring Scent? Mine would have to be anything citrus.  Growing up in Arizona you know it’s springtime when you can smell sweet orange blossoms in the air.  It’s a scent than can’t be faked or reproduced, but tickles my nostrils in all the right ways and leaves me craving something citrus-y and sweet.   This past week, my boys paid a visit to my Mother in Law, who had dozens of lemons falling off her tree. {Read More}

The Creative Exchange #43

hello spring

Well, we are smack dab in the middle of Spring Break.  We are trying to squeeze in every ounce of fun we can possible get in.  We’ve already made multiple park trips, bike rides, swimming, basketball camp, and the list could go on!  I’ve also started changing this up in my house to incorporate some fun bright colors for spring! I started by drawing up a new chalkboard and stringing up some new felt balls! I promise once the craziness {Read More}

The Creative Exchange #42

Such Bliss

Based on all the super cute Spring Projects that have been linked up, it’s evident that I am not the only one with Spring Fever! The rain sadly cleared out and it’s been sunny and 75 here most of the week.  When the weather is this nice, my boys and I can’t help but be out and enjoying it.  Yesterday evening we jumped on our bikes and rode until the sun started to set.   The view was pretty breath {Read More}

Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

The past few days have been overcast and cool, and today we even got rain here in sunny Arizona!  I LOVE the rain.  The smell, the clouds, the frizzy hair, I would take all of it over a hot sweaty day ANY day!  Such days call for a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies!  I know have I shared my fair share of cookie recipes here.  But today, I am going to share my go-to recipe for some of the softest, {Read More}

The Creative Exchange #41

Hello Everyone! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday again!  I for one will be glad to have the weekend here!  This week, the weather here in sunny Arizona has been BEAUTIFUL.  I have had my windows wide open, most days, and we have spent a lot of our time at the park and riding bikes with my boys.  I almost feel guilty knowing that most of the US is covered in snow and freezing!   So if you are suffering {Read More}

Best Ever Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffle Recipe

Last Summer on our annual family trip to California, we made an overnight pit stop to give our littles a break from driving in the car for long hours.  We got a super nice room at a really great hotel, that included a full breakfast the following morning.  And as a bonus the boys loved the late night dip in the hotel pool after dinner.  The next morning when we got up, we made our way down to the lobby {Read More}

The Creative Exchange #40

Hello Everyone.  Glad you’re back for another week and another party! Before we get to the party check out our favorites from last week! Follow Laura’s Crafty Life: BLOG | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | PINTEREST | INSTAGRAM | GOOGLE+ | ETSY   3-D Cookies | Growing up Gabel         Follow Summer Scraps: BLOG | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | PINTEREST | INSTAGRAM |GOOGLE+   Giant Feather Wall Art | Hey Let’s Make Stuff   Follow Liz on Call: {Read More}

Peanut Butter M&M Valentine

Peanut Butter M&M Valentine

Are you in need of a SUPER EASY last minute Valentine for you Sweetie? A few weeks ago, I shared this easy Valentine over at Eighteen25.  It takes only minutes to put together!  I strongly believe that chocolate & peanut butter is the single best food combination that was ever paired together in the history of EVER.  And then M& M went and put them together and covered them in that fantastic colorful candy coating so that when placed in {Read More}